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Watch this video from Dr. Gina About Fertility Footprints


Hi, I’m Dr. Gina. I help women and couples to become pregnant with natural, holistic, and integrated medicine. I also help women transition through peri-menopause so they can look forward to a vibrant next 50 plus years of life.
My training is in functional medicine through Dr. Aviva Romm (Yale MD), as well as dozens of other specialists in women’s healthcare. I also carry a DACM – Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and have been working with hormone health, infertility, post-partum, perimenopause, and beyond for over twenty years.
My goal is to increase women’s knowledge of their bodies, healthcare, and options so they have the power to make the best choices for themselves.
Information is power. And, you will learn about current research and the best treatments available to you with virtually no side effects.
I wish you abundance and great health.


Our philosophy is centered on the principle: ‘take one strong step every day to support your fertility journey and you will get you to your destination.” Dr. Gina empowers women with knowledge and encourages them to take part in their fertility planning. She leads a strong community of women TTC. 


The Fertility Footprints Inner Circle is an intimate fertility community exclusively for clients who are ready to be on their fertility journey with Dr. Gina and apply her practical, holistic medicine steps, so they can become pregnant in less than six months.


Learn holistic, daily steps on how to become pregnant in less than six months from a natural fertility coach. And, belong to a supportive fertility community of ladies TTC.

Once you are pregnant, you are invited to join our pregnancy community. Here you are surrounded by other pregnant moms. You have access to many supportive pregnancy tools and are a part of our supportive community.

Right after you have your baby is called the “fourth trimester.” This is a crucial time for you and your baby’s health. It’s crucial to focus on your health every single day. You learn how to do this while taking care of your newborn.

Transitioning through peri-menopause and when you actually experience menopause is a delicate, yet, powerful time in our lives. Join our community of incredible women as we walk together to become our healthiest versions of ourselves while navigating our hormones and map out our vibrant lives.

I have been seeing Gigi for acupuncture for several months now in preparation for IVF, and I absolutely love her. I have only been to one other acupuncturist and it was an awful experience. I was somewhat skeptical and worried about trying again. Then I found Gigi and the Dova Center. Gigi is a calming, comforting and supportive presence. I have, and will continue to recommend her to friends and family. The Dova Center is a beautiful, clean, and wonderful environment. Check out all of their services – such a great place!

Sarah C. Brighton, CO

My tests came back – positive!! I am so relieved. I’ll go back Monday to make sure my levels are increasing at the right rate but I wanted to let you know now and thank you for ALL of your support in getting here. I will reach out Monday to find time for next week, assuming that appointment also goes well!

Sara, CO

I’ve been missing seeing you. I got my first blood test today and it was positive!!! Thanks so much for all you did for my body and heart! Hope all is well!

Kelly Boulder, CO

Gina Gigi Rosella Terinoni is amazing! Saw her after my losses and during my first trimester while I was pregnant with my rainbow baby <3

Mimi Fekade, CO

I have been seeing gigi (the owner of the Dova Center) for acupuncture for almost two years and I have to say she is amazing.

When I first saw her, I was skeptical about acupuncture but I was told it would really help. She walked me through the process with such knowledge and patience. Now I see her on a regular basis. She has helped me with a successful pregnancy, common colds, anxiety, and general stress relief. When she was on maternity leave, I had some back pain. I went to see another acupuncturist at a different center who was nice but her treatment didn’t do anything. Fortunately, Gigi came back from leave the following week. I saw her for one treatment, and immediately my back pain was cured. She is caring, calm, patient, and willing to answer all of my questions. I would recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture and especially those considering her for fertility or pregnancy treatments which is one of her specialties,

Her new Dova Center location is so peaceful, clean, and new. It’s a great place.

Kristen S. Bounder, CO

I’ve been going to Dova 1-2 times a week for the last 6 months to help with a challenging pregnancy. Gina’s acupuncture and herbs helped me greatly and her kind attentive manner really put me at ease. I came to her with chronic headaches, which were brought on by the pregnancy. With just one appointment she was able to tell me that I was iron and vitamin deficient and dehydrated. It took my OBGyn another 3 months to actually draw blood and tell me I was iron deficient. Weekly appointments have helped me deal with symptoms that arose like fatigue, colds, stomach bugs, swelling, and headaches. During pregnancy, over the counter medications are forbidden for all of these ailments, and acupuncture has been a great source of relief. Kristi’s prenatal messages have also kept me feeling great.! Dova’s services have been holding me together throughout the pregnancy and I plan to continue to use their services postpartum as well. The front desk is so warm and welcoming and everyone is so professional. I couldn’t have survived this pregnancy without their support. Thank you!

Meg A., CO

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Many women feel overwhelmed on their fertility journey as they are trying-to-conceive…there is so much information out there and it is tricky to decipher what is helpful or not.

Our step by step training helps our women’s health and fertility community…
To be active participants in their fertility journey, so they can prepare to become pregnant in six months or less!