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Are you trying-to-conceive (TTC) but feel fertility overwhelm? 

I had a patient come to me last year. Sarah was 39 years old and was taking tons of supplements from Amazon that she Googled. She took everything anyone mentioned in groups or on amazon because she told me she was desperate to get pregnant. 

She was doing this for over a year and nothing had improved. 

She still had an irregular menstrual cycle, she still has an irregular ovulation cycle, and she felt like she was almost out of time to become pregnant naturally because she was 39 years old.

Sarah and I reviewed her entire medical history. We went over her menstrual cycle, her ovulation cycle, and I taught her how to track her ovulation cycle. We reviewed everything about her medical history and found some unresolved injuries that resulted in scar tissue over specific areas of her womb. I showed her how to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to that area.

Then, we reviewed her daily habits. We added specific fertility foods to her diet, specific breathing exercises to increase her circulation, yoga poses to promote fertility, and we added stimulation patches to specific fertility acupressure points.

After about 5 months on the Fertility Footprints program, Sarah got pregnant naturally.

Some more steps we took: 

  • Evaluated supplements and got rid of 75% of them, 
  • Added in daily self-care exercises to increase fertility chances, 
  • Reduced stress, 
  • Improved sleep, 
  • Regulated her menstrual cycle, 
  • Regulated her ovulation cycle,
  • Honed in on her fertile time of the month.

There are very specific day-to-day self-care tips and strategies that you can use to increase your chances to get pregnant.

For starters, you can download my free guide, “The Essential Guide to Improve Your Egg Quality.”

And, if you are ready to work with a natural fertility specialist who can answer your questions along your fertility journey, schedule a free call with me.

Be well,

Dr. Gina Rosella Terinoni, Holistic Fertility Coach

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