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How long have you been TTC (trying-to-conceive)?

How long have you been TTC (trying-to-conceive)? Has it been 6 months, one year, three years, longer? Over the last 20+ years, many women have come to me for fertility coaching. One of the most asked questions is: “how long should it take to get pregnant?”  How long it takes to get pregnant varies for all women. Many healthy couples can conceive within a year when they have regular sex. But, there are many factors that that can delay or prevent pregnancy. 

Here are some examples of why women take longer to become pregnant or struggle to become pregnant:

  • Irregular menstruation
  • No ovulation or irregular ovulation
  • Exposure to toxins
  • Poor diet and/or absorption of nutrients
  • Underlying health conditions: PCOS, endometriosis, autoimmune disease
  • Not tracking menstrual cycle to determine optimal time of the month to get pregnant
  • Being overweight or underweight
  • Male factors (low sperm, poor quality, etc.)

When to work with a fertility coach.

After a good amount of time trying to conceive, many women and couples say they want to conceive asap. Couples who already tried to conceive for a year or longer think they should be able to conceive as soon as they start to focus on their health with a fertility coach. However, our bodies have histories of why we didn’t become pregnant. So, first, we need to determine why you didn’t become pregnant. After that is determined, then, you can start to learn how to improve your chances of getting pregnant by working with a fertility coach.

Our fertility program is personalized so we determine the best next steps to take in all aspects of your health and self-care. And, it will take some time and personal investment to improve your health and your chances to become pregnant. For example, how to improve your egg quality can take at least 2- 3 months. That is how long it takes for your egg follicles to mature. For men, it takes roughly 2 ½-3 months to improve sperm mobility and motility. All of this can happen, but, it will not happen quickly.

You can greatly improve your fertility chances to become pregnant with the proper support

You can become pregnant naturally with the proper support. It takes some time and commitment to improving your overall health. And, it is so worth it! Imagine not only becoming pregnant but, also living a much healthier lifestyle and giving birth to a healthy baby. When you become healthier, you will live your best life and stave off many health concerns that can creep up on you.

The best way to become pregnant is to begin with pre-conception fertility care. This way, you are present with your health and you do not pressure yourself to be in a rush. When you work with our fertility and pre-conception program, you will learn much more then a magic bullet solution. You will learn how to track your cycle, when to have sex, which foods to eat or avoid, how often to exercise, whether you should detox or fast or both, which nutrients and supplements are beneficial to increase your fertility health, and so much more.

A Case Study of a Recent Infertility Patient

Jen Lin came to my Colorado clinic in December 2020. She tried to conceive for two years and was not able to get pregnant. She said that she bought a fertility supplement on Amazon, ate healthy, exercised regularly, and had sex around ovulation time.  But, she did not have a regular menstrual cycle nor a regular ovulation cycle. We learned through her initial intake that the supplement actually caused her periods to become erratic with a heavier flow which caused her fatigue. She stopped the “magic bullet” supplement immediately. 

She started a minimal nutrient and herb program to regulate her hormones. We also improved her diet with more balance with proteins, fats, and vegetables and less carbohydrates. Even though she was getting eight hours of sleep each night, we shifted her sleep time and she felt more rested. We added in stress reduction therapies and pressure points for her to massage throughout the month. Jen Lin followed our recommendations for 13 weeks and became pregnant. She also said that her energy and her mood is much better.

**By the way, we NEVER recommend purchasing nutrients or fertility supplements on Amazon or at other big chain stores. There are fraudulent and very low quality products online and in stores. You want premium grade nutrients and fertility supplements from a fertility coach or doctor who follows the research and clinical studies to make sure which products are effective.

Are you tired of trying to figure out what you need to do to get pregnant?

You do not have to try to figure out how to improve your fertility chances on your own. There are so many variables to factor in. Why not schedule a free consultation to see if our program is a good fit for you? And, in the meantime, download our free guide on how to improve your egg quality.

Be well,

Dr. Gina Terinoni, DACM

Fertility Footprints Program Creator and lead doctor

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